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A Gift of a New Beginning

Here at New Beginnings Assistance Dogs we understand the hardest part of an Assistance Dog is finding the right breeder and the right dog!

That's why we have our gifting scheme 'A Gift of a New Beginning' in place and is open to parents and young adults who wish to apply to receive a gifted puppy in order to become a fully qualified assistance dog for more information please read the application form information or fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Application Form

Before you apply for 'A Gift of a New Beginning' gifting scheme, there are lots of things that you need to consider.

Taking on a pet is a big commitment in itself, and training the gifted puppy through owner led training to become your Assistance dog and lifelong companion is an even bigger commitment.‘ An Assistance Dog’ is public access trained and provides practical support to help increase confidence and enable greater independence for people with a wide range of disabilities, including adults and children on the autism spectrum. 'A Gift of a New Beginning' can be a truly life-changing experience and the benefits can be much more than practical assistance.


Here are some basic things that you need to consider before you make a decision to apply for a gifted puppy: 

  • Lifetime costs of a dog: can you afford all the costs associated with a new puppy and able to budget for food, insurance, vet bills and other ongoing costs like poo bags, toys, grooming & hygiene products and services,.

  • Insurance: Therapy and Assistance dogs insurance does not come as standard and is not an option when filling out online application forms. Our best guidance is to contact a few of the major providers (PetPlan, Kennel Club, etc.) and ask what they can offer. The providers will ask questions about the intended use of your dog (own child, accessing schools, etc.) and will be sent to the underwriters to ensure they are willing to insure your gifted dog. We can help you navigate this if your application is approved.

  • Lifestyle: A gifted puppy needs plenty of company, entertainment and ongoing training from Beginner level through to fully qualified Assistance Dog. The training is tailored for your specific needs and is owner-led which means that you/or the dog handler will train the gifted puppy from the comfort of your own home and have weekly face to face sessions with your trainer whom will be on hand for help and support. 

  • Your home: Is your home and garden puppy proof? Do you have enough room in your home for your gifted puppy to have a separate eating and sleeping area? Do you have a secure outdoor garden or access to a safe outdoor space for them to run and play in,? If not what will you need to do to adapt it to make it dog-proof?

  • Your household: Is everyone in your household happy and ready to welcome a new puppy?  Who will be responsible for feeding, walks, daily training and play time if you are temporarily unable to do so?  (for example an unexpected stay in hospital). Do you have any other pets in the household? If you do then it's important to plan how you will introduce the gifted puppy to other pets in your household to create a harmonious living environment for everyone in your household.

  • Vets: Do you have a vets nearby? You can find local vets online or ask any responsible dog owner for their recommendations. It is advisable to find a locally recommended Vets Practice, as they can give you help and advice on preventative healthcare, the services they provide and out of hours emergencies etc. 


You also need to meet our eligibility criteria and complete our application process which involves a home visit.

If you would like to apply, please fill in the application form powered by Google Forms.

Enquiry Form

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Enquiry Form
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